You’re on final approach to the LAKE TAHOE AIRPORT — a year ’round all-weather facility with professional services for the general aviation and corporate executive traveler.

We’re less than 15 minutes from the heart of Lake Tahoe’s South Shore community, the Stateline Casinos and Heavenly Ski Resort, where they have the best fishing available.

This website is an online service for pilots and interested parties. We offer information on general aviation, a directory of businesses located at the Lake Tahoe Airport, lodging accommodations, local transportation and Tahoe’s recreational attractions.

Top photo Cessna Encore – NE to SW approach to the Lake Tahoe Airport from on the airplane’s recliner cockpit.

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How to paint over wallpaper

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging Things You’ll Need: 6″ drywall knife 6″ best paint brush for trim 12″ drywall knife box cutter dropcloths or runners blue painter’s tape 1 bucket of joint compound for an average room 2-3 tubes of latex interior caulking dripless caulking gun rags for wiping spills/drips Lay out your dropcloths along your walls, and then tape all your base trim to keep from having to clean it up or repaint it later. If you are repainting the whole room this step is not necessary as you will be painting your trim after you …
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Tips for Dos and Don’ts When Travelling with Cannabis

Nowadays, cannabis and weed products are in wide demand in various countries. Some countries have legalized its use, though with strict protocols such as the marijuana in Canada. However, traveling with cannabis to different places needs precaution. It can lead to punishable measures like imprisonment or heavy fines. Therefore, you need to adhere to some guidelines to allow you to travel with and enjoy using cannabis in different areas. This article provides you with the dos and don’ts when traveling with cannabis. They include the following: Know your boundaries Usually, the rules for transporting cannabis …
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