You’re on final approach to the LAKE TAHOE AIRPORT — a year ’round all-weather facility with professional services for the general aviation and corporate executive traveler.

We’re less than 15 minutes from the heart of Lake Tahoe’s South Shore community, the Stateline Casinos and Heavenly Ski Resort, where they have the best fishing available.

This website is an online service for pilots and interested parties. We offer information on general aviation, a directory of businesses located at the Lake Tahoe Airport, lodging accommodations, local transportation and Tahoe’s recreational attractions.

Top photo Cessna Encore – NE to SW approach to the Lake Tahoe Airport from on the airplane’s recliner cockpit.

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Suitable Fishing

Suitable Fishing Attire And Accessories During Hot Summer Season

During summertime, fishing can be an enjoyable experience with the help of recommended fishing protection, but you could experience hassles if you select the wrong attire. When fishing in summer, you should wear clothes that protect you against the risk of the scorching sun for you to fish comfortably. A simple shirt and shorts from your closet might not be enough, so here is useful information about fishing attire that you should read to better protect yourself from the dangers of overexposure to the sun while you enjoy your fishing. Sunscreen Before we head to the clothing, …
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Touring Lake Tahoe Basin

Things to Know When Touring Lake Tahoe Basin

Lake Tahoe Basin is located between California and Nevada, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the United States of America. Thus, it’s not very surprising if you want to try to go there as well. According to Sell Miles ASAP, before you do, here are some of the things you need to know when touring the Lake. How to Get to Lake Tahoe: There are two ways to get to Lake Tahoe: by car and by plane. ●             By Car If you’re coming from San Francisco, Lake Tahoe Basin is only …
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Cannabis Regulations in South Lake Tahoe

Cannabis Regulations in South Lake Tahoe

After hours of discussion, the stakeholders in South Lake Tahoe has come up with new regulations on the use of CBD oil in the city. However, there remains to be a concern regarding the Tahoe Wellness Cooperative. The Tahoe Wellness Cooperative is the only legal cannabis dispensary that distributes cannabis products such as CBD oil and edibles in South Lake Tahoe, California. Because a number of different regulations are being set on cannabis usage in the city, the company is constantly fighting to make sure that it can continue operating. In August 2018, the city approved an …
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Local Laws

10 Laws to Keep in Mind When Traveling to California

Even though various migrants and tourists of different nationalities go to California, only a few of them actually research about the country. For this reason, many people ruin their stay because of small violations. Enter עורך דין לתעבורה, whose business—depending on where she practices—can lead to a jam-packed, but often lucrative, professional life. An ability to think on your feet goes a long way, as does a knack for sizing up people and situations. Hence, if you are moving to California for good or just want to go there for a visit, it’s a great …
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