Northern Michigan

10 Exciting Activities to Do in Northern Michigan

Michigan is not a place that comes to many people’s minds when they are looking for a vacation location in the US. As mentioned by, This is because people don’t think that there are fun activities one can do in the state of Michigan. But these people are wrong.

Michigan has a lot of places to visit that are exciting and adventurous. Fun activities can make a vacation in Northern Michigan an experience of a lifetime. If you plan to visit Michigan from California, then your best option is to get a flight from the Lake Tahoe Airport to the Bishop International Airport in Flint.

Once you arrived for a vacation in Northern Michigan, then here are ten exciting things you can do:

Take a Boat Ride in Charlevoix

Charlevoix is a town in Northern Michigan surrounded by the Michigan, Charlevoix, and Round lakes, and the Pine River.

Chartering a boat to tour this beautiful town is one activity you should undertake. You can travel around the town without getting off the boat. The town has so many beautiful homes that might make you come back to buy a property in the town.

Visit the Mushroom Houses of Charlevoix

Another cool activity in northern Michigan is to visit the mushroom houses located in Charlevoix. It would be exciting to see where that mushroom dish you like comes from and how it is grown.

Explore Mackinac Island in a Horse and Buggy

The Mackinac is one of the beautiful islands that make up Northern Michigan. Travelers get to the island by ferry, and from there, one can choose a horse-drawn carriage or a bicycle as a mode of transport.

Visit the Fudge Capital

While on Mackinac Island, you can satisfy your sweet tooth at the many fudge shops located on the island. It is also exciting to see first-hand how some of your favorite candies are made.

Visit the Leland Historic District

If you are a fact person, the Leland historic district is the place for you. The area is known as a fish town due to its commercial fishing heritage. In the town, you get to enjoy the scenic waterfronts and the many fishing shanties in the district.

Visit the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

For some sandy fun in northern Michigan, you can head to the national lakeshore park. This is a 35-mile shoreline made of dunes locally known as the sleeping bear dunes. Visitors like to run down the dunes; some manage to reach safely on both legs, while others manage to only roll down the dunes.

Go Stone Hunting in Petoskey

Another cool activity to do on vacation in Northern Michigan is searching for Petoskey stones on the beaches. These are stones native to northern Michigan that make exquisite souvenirs.

Go Wine Tasting at Mari Vineyards

In northern Michigan, you can also learn one or two things about winemaking in Traverse city’s Mari vineyards. You will enjoy various wines in a scenic landscape with fresh air.

Enjoy Brunch at Patisserie Amie

Before wine tasting in Traverse city, it would be a good idea to fill your stomach with some food. Patisserie Amie is a French bistro that serves delicious dishes that will make you order for more.

Visit the Cherry Republic

Michigan is also home to the cherry capital. The Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor processes the delicious cherry syrups, salsas, chocolates, and jams. There is also a winery directly opposite where you can go to taste some cherry wine or have a snack at the grand cafe.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a vacation in Northern Michigan is not as dull as many people would think. There are a lot of places to visit and a lot of fun activities to do. A vacation in Northern Michigan is also pocket friendly as most activities do not require high fees.

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