Month: September 2020

Women Rookie Shooters

Women Rookie Shooters Need Range Time In South Lake Tahoe, CA

No one is born a shooter. There might be people who are naturally good at aiming but handling guns needs experience for familiarity and adjustments. You can Find more info at Adventurefootstep about handling guns. Through constant practice and guidance, you can become a shooter and in time, become better at it.

Gun shooting doesn’t need much to be physically fit, as long as the gun can be lifted properly, you can handle the recoil and you have no visual problems. Women can be as good shooters as men or even better. In South Lake Tahoe, California, women who recently learned how to shoot needs some practice range in order to allot time in honing their skills.


History has been the evidence of how men and women are treated differently due to the natural physical capabilities and that includes the world of firearms usage. There are misconceptions that stated women cannot handle guns and are not interested in shooting.

In the late 1980s, the company Smith & Wesson is starting to produce firearms specifically for women. They were primarily handguns and the popularity is due to the portrayal of their use in Hollywood movies. And as years passed by, women in leading roles were shown handling heavy guns that men alone are said to be able to handle.

Evolution Of Women Handgun Shooting

With further education and political movement, women are given equal treatment in terms of gun usage. Gun manufacturers are making holsters that cater to the women’s body frame. In South Lake Tahoe and all other towns, there are shooting classes conducted for women with NRA-certified instructors.

There are also women who became shooting instructors themselves as they constantly improved their skills. Sport competitions are also held with women either having a league of their own or being mixed in competition with men. Government agencies express support in their rights having to exercise their skills as much as men do.

Gun Ownership

One of the requirements of owning guns & accessories for shooting and self-defense is having a permit or a license. Ownership is being respected as long as it complies with the policies of the state and accountability is being observed. Being a member of a shooting club helps you be informed about your rights as a gun owner, shooting practitioner, and a responsible citizen.

Carrying a concealed firearm, however, is a level higher from owning one. There are lots of fine lines of legalities and even when involved in a shootout, innocent or not, the legal fees can be staggering. There will be no discrepancies between genders from that point since it will be whether you are guilty or not.

Choosing the right shooting club where it can help you ease the burden in finding legal counsel if certain unfortunate circumstances arise is very beneficial. You can do some research. In South Lake Tahoe, one of the best institutions is CCW Safe.


It is really satisfying to see that women are given the same rights as men in terms of gun ownership and practice for their usage outside military service and law enforcement. Shooting clubs are also valuable, for they are the only source of guidance in keeping you educated about the policies and implementation of the law.