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Bomber Jackets

Best Leather Bomber Jackets

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Both on the runway and street style photos, bomber jacket has rapidly become a staple for each winter wardrobe. From printed jackets in Josh Goot or plain black, these jackets are ideal in keeping warm during winter and still look cool.This kind of jacket has become the best finishing touch to all autumn or winter outfits. Quite sporty luxe and also warm, the bomber jacket appears to be the newest addition help to beat the chill during winter. Paired with denim jeans to have a casual look, or even a skirt, one can achieve that ultimate textured look.A sort of unconventional but very impressive approach to outwear lies upon us. Although the bomber jacket has often served as major fashion clothing during the colder climates and even sporting events since its first creation

Choosing a bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket

When it comes to bomber jackets it seems that everyone loves them and why wouldn’t they when these jackets not only have a great design, but at the same time they are also really fashionable? If you don’t know anything about these jackets, then you should know that for the first time they have appeared in the nineteen forties and have been a iconic symbol ever since. Nowadays you will be able to buy these jackets from plenty of stores and you can also find them in many kinds of materials, so they will suite your personal style. From the rockers type jacket to the aviation jacket design, these jackets have undergone a lot of transformation ever since they appeared on the market.


If you are interested in getting a modern day bomber jacket you should know that it includes the lambskin, the sheepskin and the suede in order to offer you not only that extra bit of style, but also the added comfort. It seems that there are plenty of younger generations who actually prefer the newer design which is called the hook on hood, because these designs are not only sophisticated, but also trendy.

When you will go with this design, you will also be able to take your hood off anytime you want. Because people find these jackets appealing, you will find there are more and more models coming out on the market.


Most of the times you will find these coats to come in black, but you don’t need to worry about this being the only color available. Brown and even white are gaining a lot of popularity among both men and women and they seem to be a hit. For instance, the brown jackets are really comfortable to the eyes, because it gives out a relaxed demeanor.

Ladies love both white and brown leather jackets and when it comes to the latter, they are preferred by ladies who wear brown knee high boots and a matching white flowered dress. The jacket is amazing at complimenting this outfit and many guys will definitely appreciate the way you will look wearing it. Because it has an amazing natural hue, you should never worry about going wrong by purchasing a brown leather jacket over other casual wear or even denims.

The white jackets are most of the times purchased by women, but there are also designs intended for men. White is a wonderful color that relaxes the eye and makes you think only of positive things. They can easily be worn with black or even brown boots, while a red scarf could easily compliment your look.

With that being said, if you would really want to change your look this season and want everyone to appreciate your new clothing style, it’s certainly a good idea to go with a bomber jacket. These jackets have evolved a lot throughout the years and nowadays you will be able to find them in so many styles, that you’ll always have one to call your favorite

paint over wallpaper

How to paint over wallpaper

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
6″ drywall knife

6″ best paint brush for trim
12″ drywall knife
box cutter
dropcloths or runners
blue painter’s tape
1 bucket of joint compound for an average room
2-3 tubes of latex interior caulking
dripless caulking gun
rags for wiping spills/drips

Lay out your dropcloths along your walls, and then tape all your base trim to keep from having to clean it up or repaint it later. If you are repainting the whole room this step is not necessary as you will be painting your trim after you paint your walls.

Use your boxcutter to cut all your seams, removing the thin strip where your wallpaper overlaps the next sheet. Then cut around any loose areas in your wallpaper; the loose paper needs to be removed so it will not cause bubbles under your joint compound. If bubbles do appear after you have put on the first coat of compound, they need to be cut out and covered again.

Caulk all of your ceiling lines, corners and base trim to seal the paper in. If you have seams that come together in the corner. Then using a good latex drywall primer (I recommend Sherwin Williams) you should prime all of the papered area.

After the primer dries thoroughly, using your 6″ drywall knife run a generous coat of joint compound over all your seams and other areas where you have removed loose paper and than remove some of the compound, smoothing it out but do not skim it down tight. You want to make sure your seams are covered. Let dry approximately 24 hours.

Using your 12″ knife you are now ready to skim all the seams you covered. This coat of compound can be applied lightly and then pulled down tight removing the majority of the compound. Pay special attention to the edges where the compound meets the wall paper. The more compound you remove the less you will have to sand (see my article on finishing drywall or greenboard). Caulk all of your corners, ceiling lines and base trim again if needed.

After the compound and caulk have dried thoroughly, you are now ready to sand, or you can sponge all of your seams and patches with a good sized sponge which is preferred, to eliminate the dust from sanding. Just dampen your sponge. You do not want to soak it, as this may run down the wall and get into your wall sockets causing a short or even worse a fire.

2nd coat of primer After you have finished sanding you want to prime all of the areas where you caulked and patched, and then after that coat of primer dries I recommend priming the entire room again so that you will not have any wallpaper pattern showing through your finish coat, The last coat of primer is only necessary if you want to paint your room with a gloss finish. Flat paints always hide imperfections much better than a gloss finish, and there are a lot of good washable flat latex paints on the market now.

Tips & Warnings
If you have textured wallpaper installed, you should apply the joint compound mixture on the whole wall. Let the joint compound dry and the next step is to get rid of the rough surface by sanding or sponging it.

Remember, just dampen your sponge. You do not want to soak it, as this may run down the wall and get into your wall sockets causing a short or even worse a fire.