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Coyotes, wolves, cougars oh my in Illinois and how to report

Coyotes, wolves in native American culture, and cougars have all been in the news lately in the Midwest and in Illinois. There is not a week that goes by that a coyote is not a nuisance in some Chicago suburb. Wolves, who have long been extirpated from the state, have been spotted in Illinois this year. Although it has been over two years since the cougar was shot in a Roscoe village neighborhood and no cougars have been spotted in Illinois since, there have been cougars sightings in nearby Wisconsin and even Indiana.
The coyote has made a remarkable comeback to the region. Even though there have been many celebrated nuisance reports concerning the coyote, especially the death of Jessica Simpson’s maltese Daisy, for the most part these animals are a welcome addition to the Illinois ecology as they help keep down the deer population by taking fawns and also help control the Canadian geese population.
Research by Dr. Stanley Gehrt has indicated that the urban coyote diet relies less on human sources than one would think. In a study of almost 1,500 specimens of coyote scat taken between 2000 and 2002 it was shown that only about 3% had any link to humans. Only 1% of the scat had remnants of domestic cats and 2% had remnants of trash. Surprisingly there were no dogs, but Dr. Gehrt said that sometimes coyotes will kill dogs out of a predatory instinct to take out competitors for food.
The timber wolf was thought to be extinct from Wisconsin as of the early 1980s. However, there is now a healthy population in Northern Wisconsin. This population maybe making forays into Illinois.  There were several sighting in Northern Illinois early this year including what could have been a wolf caught on a trail cam. Wolf sightings are difficult to verify as many are mistaken for coyotes. However, those with an experienced eye for the two animals know the difference. Wolves are twice the size of coyotes.  A coyote is normally smaller than a golden retriever whereas a healthy wolf can grow to the size of a great dane.

Cougar sightings are on the rise in the Midwest. In the past two weeks a cougar has attacked both a cow and a horse in Juneau County, Wisconsin. A trail cam has picked up a cougar photo in both western Wisconsin and southern Indiana this year. Both the Wisconsin DNR and the Illinois DNR have had meetings on how to manage the possible and eventual return of the animal to the respective states.
The Illinois Department of Resources wants to know if you have seen a cougar or a wolf, or any strange animal not usually seen in the state. Check this website out and report a sighting.
This website is also very informative on how to deal with nuisance animals other than the ones discussed in this article. If you have had problems with an ornerary animal whether it is a coyote or a Canadian goose, this website gives information on how to cope and when to report.  It is also possible to ask an Illinois wildlife biologist a question and even get a bird or animal identified.

Bomber Jackets

Best Leather Bomber Jackets

The place to find great deals on bomber jacket for mens on this friday.

Both on the runway and street style photos, bomber jacket has rapidly become a staple for each winter wardrobe. From printed jackets in Josh Goot or plain black, these jackets are ideal in keeping warm during winter and still look cool.This kind of jacket has become the best finishing touch to all autumn or winter outfits. Quite sporty luxe and also warm, the bomber jacket appears to be the newest addition help to beat the chill during winter. Paired with denim jeans to have a casual look, or even a skirt, one can achieve that ultimate textured look.A sort of unconventional but very impressive approach to outwear lies upon us. Although the bomber jacket has often served as major fashion clothing during the colder climates and even sporting events since its first creation

Choosing a bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket

When it comes to bomber jackets it seems that everyone loves them and why wouldn’t they when these jackets not only have a great design, but at the same time they are also really fashionable? If you don’t know anything about these jackets, then you should know that for the first time they have appeared in the nineteen forties and have been a iconic symbol ever since. Nowadays you will be able to buy these jackets from plenty of stores and you can also find them in many kinds of materials, so they will suite your personal style. From the rockers type jacket to the aviation jacket design, these jackets have undergone a lot of transformation ever since they appeared on the market.


If you are interested in getting a modern day bomber jacket you should know that it includes the lambskin, the sheepskin and the suede in order to offer you not only that extra bit of style, but also the added comfort. It seems that there are plenty of younger generations who actually prefer the newer design which is called the hook on hood, because these designs are not only sophisticated, but also trendy.

When you will go with this design, you will also be able to take your hood off anytime you want. Because people find these jackets appealing, you will find there are more and more models coming out on the market.


Most of the times you will find these coats to come in black, but you don’t need to worry about this being the only color available. Brown and even white are gaining a lot of popularity among both men and women and they seem to be a hit. For instance, the brown jackets are really comfortable to the eyes, because it gives out a relaxed demeanor.

Ladies love both white and brown leather jackets and when it comes to the latter, they are preferred by ladies who wear brown knee high boots and a matching white flowered dress. The jacket is amazing at complimenting this outfit and many guys will definitely appreciate the way you will look wearing it. Because it has an amazing natural hue, you should never worry about going wrong by purchasing a brown leather jacket over other casual wear or even denims.

The white jackets are most of the times purchased by women, but there are also designs intended for men. White is a wonderful color that relaxes the eye and makes you think only of positive things. They can easily be worn with black or even brown boots, while a red scarf could easily compliment your look.

With that being said, if you would really want to change your look this season and want everyone to appreciate your new clothing style, it’s certainly a good idea to go with a bomber jacket. These jackets have evolved a lot throughout the years and nowadays you will be able to find them in so many styles, that you’ll always have one to call your favorite

paint over wallpaper

How to paint over wallpaper

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
6″ drywall knife

6″ best paint brush for trim
12″ drywall knife
box cutter
dropcloths or runners
blue painter’s tape
1 bucket of joint compound for an average room
2-3 tubes of latex interior caulking
dripless caulking gun
rags for wiping spills/drips

Lay out your dropcloths along your walls, and then tape all your base trim to keep from having to clean it up or repaint it later. If you are repainting the whole room this step is not necessary as you will be painting your trim after you paint your walls.

Use your boxcutter to cut all your seams, removing the thin strip where your wallpaper overlaps the next sheet. Then cut around any loose areas in your wallpaper; the loose paper needs to be removed so it will not cause bubbles under your joint compound. If bubbles do appear after you have put on the first coat of compound, they need to be cut out and covered again.

Caulk all of your ceiling lines, corners and base trim to seal the paper in. If you have seams that come together in the corner. Then using a good latex drywall primer (I recommend Sherwin Williams) you should prime all of the papered area.

After the primer dries thoroughly, using your 6″ drywall knife run a generous coat of joint compound over all your seams and other areas where you have removed loose paper and than remove some of the compound, smoothing it out but do not skim it down tight. You want to make sure your seams are covered. Let dry approximately 24 hours.

Using your 12″ knife you are now ready to skim all the seams you covered. This coat of compound can be applied lightly and then pulled down tight removing the majority of the compound. Pay special attention to the edges where the compound meets the wall paper. The more compound you remove the less you will have to sand (see my article on finishing drywall or greenboard). Caulk all of your corners, ceiling lines and base trim again if needed.

After the compound and caulk have dried thoroughly, you are now ready to sand, or you can sponge all of your seams and patches with a good sized sponge which is preferred, to eliminate the dust from sanding. Just dampen your sponge. You do not want to soak it, as this may run down the wall and get into your wall sockets causing a short or even worse a fire.

2nd coat of primer After you have finished sanding you want to prime all of the areas where you caulked and patched, and then after that coat of primer dries I recommend priming the entire room again so that you will not have any wallpaper pattern showing through your finish coat, The last coat of primer is only necessary if you want to paint your room with a gloss finish. Flat paints always hide imperfections much better than a gloss finish, and there are a lot of good washable flat latex paints on the market now.

Tips & Warnings
If you have textured wallpaper installed, you should apply the joint compound mixture on the whole wall. Let the joint compound dry and the next step is to get rid of the rough surface by sanding or sponging it.

Remember, just dampen your sponge. You do not want to soak it, as this may run down the wall and get into your wall sockets causing a short or even worse a fire.

Travelling with Cannabis

Tips for Dos and Don’ts When Travelling with Cannabis

Nowadays, cannabis and weed products are in wide demand in various countries. Some countries have legalized its use, though with strict protocols such as the marijuana in Canada. However, traveling with cannabis to different places needs precaution. It can lead to punishable measures like imprisonment or heavy fines.

Therefore, you need to adhere to some guidelines to allow you to travel with and enjoy using cannabis in different areas. This article provides you with the dos and don’ts when traveling with cannabis. They include the following:

Know your boundaries

Usually, the rules for transporting cannabis stipulate ownership boundaries. Various states highlight the different amounts of cannabis that you can possess or carry at a time. Failure of following the state’s instructions may lead to incarceration and heavy fines.

Store your cannabis in a secure area or container

Make sure you keep your cannabis securely, especially while using public transport. This is to help you safeguard and consider the needs of everyone you’re traveling with. Sometimes, passengers may feel uncomfortable or irritated by the smell of cannabis. In your car, carry it in a sealed package or securely in your car trunk.

Choose a convenient smoking area

Before undertaking any action, always consider the health of everyone. Understand that not every person’s okay with you smoking around them. You should therefore pick a concealed but well-ventilated area where the cannabis smoke can’t reach other people. However, do not drive your car after smoking or while driving as it may lead to a lack of concentration.

Be conscious of your outlying area

Always be discreet while selling, smoking, or traveling with cannabis, especially when kids are concerned. Understand that dealing with cannabis is a personal choice and not a public demand.

Learn and understand your rights

After smoking cannabis, the production of odor is normal. If a cop stops and insinuates that you have been smoking in an unauthorized area, refuse a search process. The streets contain various smells, so this does not give the cop the right to search you or your belongings. However, being hygienic can prevent petty criminal charges.

Never traffic cannabis across states

Traveling with cannabis into other states may be a violation of rules. It may be by imprisonment or heavy fines depending on that state’s rules. You should also not flee from this by flying over other states. If a pre-check is undertaken and you’re found with cannabis, cops will not hesitate to arrest you.

Avoid mailing as a transporting alternative

Mailing is not a safe alternative for selling or transporting your weed in other states. If the post office finds cannabis in your package, they may report you to the cops and have you arrested. Consequently, you may be imprisoned and fined heavily.

Cannabis is among the riskiest products to transport. It requires an understanding of the state’s laws and a lot of caution. You need to learn the do’s and don’ts when traveling with cannabis to remain on the safe side of the law. You will travel more safely and comfortably with your cannabis when you follow the above tips.

Women Rookie Shooters

Women Rookie Shooters Need Range Time In South Lake Tahoe, CA

No one is born a shooter. There might be people who are naturally good at aiming but handling guns needs experience for familiarity and adjustments. You can Find more info at Adventurefootstep about handling guns. Through constant practice and guidance, you can become a shooter and in time, become better at it.

Gun shooting doesn’t need much to be physically fit, as long as the gun can be lifted properly, you can handle the recoil and you have no visual problems. Women can be as good shooters as men or even better. In South Lake Tahoe, California, women who recently learned how to shoot needs some practice range in order to allot time in honing their skills.


History has been the evidence of how men and women are treated differently due to the natural physical capabilities and that includes the world of firearms usage. There are misconceptions that stated women cannot handle guns and are not interested in shooting.

In the late 1980s, the company Smith & Wesson is starting to produce firearms specifically for women. They were primarily handguns and the popularity is due to the portrayal of their use in Hollywood movies. And as years passed by, women in leading roles were shown handling heavy guns that men alone are said to be able to handle.

Evolution Of Women Handgun Shooting

With further education and political movement, women are given equal treatment in terms of gun usage. Gun manufacturers are making holsters that cater to the women’s body frame. In South Lake Tahoe and all other towns, there are shooting classes conducted for women with NRA-certified instructors.

There are also women who became shooting instructors themselves as they constantly improved their skills. Sport competitions are also held with women either having a league of their own or being mixed in competition with men. Government agencies express support in their rights having to exercise their skills as much as men do.

Gun Ownership

One of the requirements of owning guns & accessories for shooting and self-defense is having a permit or a license. Ownership is being respected as long as it complies with the policies of the state and accountability is being observed. Being a member of a shooting club helps you be informed about your rights as a gun owner, shooting practitioner, and a responsible citizen.

Carrying a concealed firearm, however, is a level higher from owning one. There are lots of fine lines of legalities and even when involved in a shootout, innocent or not, the legal fees can be staggering. There will be no discrepancies between genders from that point since it will be whether you are guilty or not.

Choosing the right shooting club where it can help you ease the burden in finding legal counsel if certain unfortunate circumstances arise is very beneficial. You can do some research. In South Lake Tahoe, one of the best institutions is CCW Safe.


It is really satisfying to see that women are given the same rights as men in terms of gun ownership and practice for their usage outside military service and law enforcement. Shooting clubs are also valuable, for they are the only source of guidance in keeping you educated about the policies and implementation of the law.

Northern Michigan

10 Exciting Activities to Do in Northern Michigan

Michigan is not a place that comes to many people’s minds when they are looking for a vacation location in the US. As mentioned by, This is because people don’t think that there are fun activities one can do in the state of Michigan. But these people are wrong.

Michigan has a lot of places to visit that are exciting and adventurous. Fun activities can make a vacation in Northern Michigan an experience of a lifetime. If you plan to visit Michigan from California, then your best option is to get a flight from the Lake Tahoe Airport to the Bishop International Airport in Flint.

Once you arrived for a vacation in Northern Michigan, then here are ten exciting things you can do:

Take a Boat Ride in Charlevoix

Charlevoix is a town in Northern Michigan surrounded by the Michigan, Charlevoix, and Round lakes, and the Pine River.

Chartering a boat to tour this beautiful town is one activity you should undertake. You can travel around the town without getting off the boat. The town has so many beautiful homes that might make you come back to buy a property in the town.

Visit the Mushroom Houses of Charlevoix

Another cool activity in northern Michigan is to visit the mushroom houses located in Charlevoix. It would be exciting to see where that mushroom dish you like comes from and how it is grown.

Explore Mackinac Island in a Horse and Buggy

The Mackinac is one of the beautiful islands that make up Northern Michigan. Travelers get to the island by ferry, and from there, one can choose a horse-drawn carriage or a bicycle as a mode of transport.

Visit the Fudge Capital

While on Mackinac Island, you can satisfy your sweet tooth at the many fudge shops located on the island. It is also exciting to see first-hand how some of your favorite candies are made.

Visit the Leland Historic District

If you are a fact person, the Leland historic district is the place for you. The area is known as a fish town due to its commercial fishing heritage. In the town, you get to enjoy the scenic waterfronts and the many fishing shanties in the district.

Visit the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

For some sandy fun in northern Michigan, you can head to the national lakeshore park. This is a 35-mile shoreline made of dunes locally known as the sleeping bear dunes. Visitors like to run down the dunes; some manage to reach safely on both legs, while others manage to only roll down the dunes.

Go Stone Hunting in Petoskey

Another cool activity to do on vacation in Northern Michigan is searching for Petoskey stones on the beaches. These are stones native to northern Michigan that make exquisite souvenirs.

Go Wine Tasting at Mari Vineyards

In northern Michigan, you can also learn one or two things about winemaking in Traverse city’s Mari vineyards. You will enjoy various wines in a scenic landscape with fresh air.

Enjoy Brunch at Patisserie Amie

Before wine tasting in Traverse city, it would be a good idea to fill your stomach with some food. Patisserie Amie is a French bistro that serves delicious dishes that will make you order for more.

Visit the Cherry Republic

Michigan is also home to the cherry capital. The Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor processes the delicious cherry syrups, salsas, chocolates, and jams. There is also a winery directly opposite where you can go to taste some cherry wine or have a snack at the grand cafe.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a vacation in Northern Michigan is not as dull as many people would think. There are a lot of places to visit and a lot of fun activities to do. A vacation in Northern Michigan is also pocket friendly as most activities do not require high fees.

Suitable Fishing

Suitable Fishing Attire And Accessories During Hot Summer Season

During summertime, fishing can be an enjoyable experience with the help of recommended fishing protection, but you could experience hassles if you select the wrong attire. When fishing in summer, you should wear clothes that protect you against the risk of the scorching sun for you to fish comfortably. A simple shirt and shorts from your closet might not be enough, so here is useful information about fishing attire that you should read to better protect yourself from the dangers of overexposure to the sun while you enjoy your fishing.


Before we head to the clothing, you should start with your skin protection. It would help if you chose a sweat-proof sunscreen that does not trail down your eyes because they could sting. Choose the waterproof, hypoallergenic, and oil-free sunscreen so that your skin can absorb it swiftly.


Choose a thin shirt that can serve as a base protection layer for your body. You should choose a 100 percent polyester fabric that has a 50+ UPF rating. Choose the ones that are resistant to stain and odor and also allows sweat to leave your skin, as it is the closest fabric on your body.


Atop your undershirt, a 100% nylon shirt helps your body to keep the coolness under the hot summer. The preferred ones are:

  • Quick-dry
  • Breathable
  • Long-sleeved
  • With roll-up collar

Lower Clothing

Being on the water for a long day needs versatile smaller clothing. Highly preferred pants should have a zipper feature across its legs so that it can be converted into shorts. For daytime, you may use it as a short, and zip the extensions back to the shorts once the cold embraces you during nighttime as you go back home. Choose the ones that have 50+ UPF rating, and have a lot of pockets in case you carry a lot of items when you fish.


It would help if you chose comfortable sandals while you are fishing. Make sure that it’s lightweight so it won’t feel inconvenient. You may also bring water shoes with you that have waterproof features in case you’d need to soak in the water.


You should find a kind of hat that has a wide brim to protect your eyes, ears, face, and neck from sunburns.


Choose the ones that have UPF features to protect you from the sun. Also, make sure that they allow you to grip better, especially when you’re holding tight on to a rod to avoid letting go of that fish that you wish to catch.


The best ones have a 100 percent polarized lens to prevent glare from the water. Choose the breathable ones to avoid the glasses from fogging up due to condensation.

Face Mask

If you are sensitive to the smell of your bait, you may use this as your protection. It also helps you to better protect your face from the sun’s reflection on the water. Also, choose the ones that allow you to breathe appropriately to avoid yourself from passing out due to heat and difficulty in breathing.


Take note of this fishing attire that can help you better protect yourself from certain risks like sunburn, glare, and unconsciousness. Mainly, this guide allows you to be safe from skin cancer, which can result in an unwanted ending of your fishing hobby during the summer.

Always remember to choose the best clothing and accessory products. You know that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and you won’t be able to comfortably catch one or two if you are feeling discomfort while holding your fishing rod under the heat of the sun. This guide helps you find your fish, not skin disorders.

Touring Lake Tahoe Basin

Things to Know When Touring Lake Tahoe Basin

Lake Tahoe Basin is located between California and Nevada, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the United States of America. Thus, it’s not very surprising if you want to try to go there as well. According to Sell Miles ASAP, before you do, here are some of the things you need to know when touring the Lake.

How to Get to Lake Tahoe:

There are two ways to get to Lake Tahoe: by car and by plane.

●             By Car

If you’re coming from San Francisco, Lake Tahoe Basin is only about 3 and a half hours of drive. Bringing your own car can also be really advantageous as getting around Lake Tahoe would require you to have your own transportation.

●             By Plane

You might want to fly instead of driving, especially if you have a lot of airline miles to use. If that’s the case, here are the two nearest airports to the Lake.

1. Reno-Tahoe International Airport

Most people choose to arrive at Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Once you land there, it will only take you about 90 minutes to South Lake Tahoe or 35 minutes to get to North Lake Tahoe.

2. Sacramento International Airport

If you arrive at Sacramento International Airport, it will take you around 90 minutes to get to South or North Lake Tahoe. However, keep in mind that the routes going there, Highway 50 and Highway 80, are both closed in cases of heavy snow.

Activities in Lake Tahoe:

Helicopter Tours:

1.            Lake Tahoe South Shore Helicopter Tour

Join South Shore Helicopter Tour for a view of South Lake from above. They also offer Heli Weddings, wherein couples can get married in a helicopter. Also in this tour is flight training, which gives tourists a chance to fly helicopters on their own.

2.            Lake Tahoe Helicopter Tour

This tour is offered daily and includes a good tour of the Emerald Bay, Fallen Leaf Lake, Crystal Bay, Sand Harbor, and Desolation on Wilderness. You can also choose among 10, 20, 30, 45, and 60 minutes of touring, and walk-ins are entertained.

Water Sports:

1.            Power Boat Rentals

Fully enjoy Lake Tahoe from within fully equipped boats and an option to hire a guide.

2.            Jet Ski Rentals

Explore the lake with jet ski rentals that can seat 1 to 3 people. Guided tours are also offered.

3.            Lake Tahoe Pontoon Rentals

Lake Tahoe Pontoon Rentals are available for a more luxurious ride on the lake. The boats can accommodate 10 to 14 people.

Other Water Activities:

o          Canoe and Kayak Rentals for 1 to 2 Persons

o          Parasailing Rides

o          Emerald Bay Cruise

Winter Activities:

Going there in winter will not deprive you of activities. Here is a list of things you can do in Lake Tahoe in the coldest season of the year.

o          Lake Tahoe Sleigh Ride

o          Squaw Valley USA Lift Tickets

o          Snowmobiling

Lodging in Lake Tahoe:

There are a number of lodging options available in the Lake if you plan to stay a night or two.

South Lake Tahoe

  • The Landing Resort and Spa
  • Alpenrose Inn
  • The Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe


  • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe
  • Harrah’s Lake Tahoe
  • The Ridge View

There are also places available in Olympic Valley, Carson City, Incline Village, and Northstar.


With so many things to do in the Lake, make sure to pack yourself luggage worth at least a couple of days to fully enjoy the place.

Flying to Lake Tahoe

How to Minimize Costs When Flying to Lake Tahoe

Going on a trip is very exciting as it brings many different adventures, discoveries, and life lessons     . It is so beneficial that a lot of websites are suggesting it to be in someone’s bucket list. However, if there’s one drawback about going on trips, it’s the costs. Now, just because you want to travel does not mean that you have to      lavishly spend on it.

Lake Tahoe is one of the best, more affordable, and accessible destinations for a ski vacation, and if you’re planning to go on a trip there, here are some ways you can save money while having yourself an awesome trip.

Check for Fare Sales

The first thing you can do to save money on trips is to check which airlines offer seat sales to your destination. You can do this by doing flight comparisons among different airlines that have flights to airports near Lake Tahoe. Call agencies or book directly through the airlines’ line or websites. Sometimes, they have unexpected seat sales that you can grab. You can even take a peek at their social media pages where airlines tend to post their promotions.

Do Flight Comparisons and Choose the Best Airport

There are a couple of close airports to Lake Tahoe, and you might want to consider choosing one of those as your destination: Reno-Tahoe International Airport and Sacramento International Airport are the closes. The importance of comparing flights to these airports is that you can not only save on flight fares but also on ground transportation, which should be an inevitable part of your cost computations     . The closer you are to your main destination, the less      you will have to pay for other forms of transportation.

Choose Flights that Will Allow You to Save on Lodging

The way you plan your flights can also minimize your lodging days. For example, if you choose flights in the morning, you can arrive at Lake Tahoe early and be able to enjoy the activities on that same day right away rather than arriving late at night then having to book an extra night for lodging. This minimizes how many days you ultimately might want or need to book, thus saving you money.

Check for Free Luggage

This is especially important if you’re planning to carry your own ski equipment with you. Some airlines offer free space for your luggage. Do remember to double check some flights that offer the cheapest fares as some of these prices can change significantly because baggage allowance is still not included. See flights that specifically say they offer space for a certain size of luggage and plan accordingly

Take Advantage of Miles and Credit Card Perks

If you’re using a credit card or if you have been traveling a lot, chances are you have plenty of perks in your miles and credit cards. Plan your trip in advance and see which perks can be applied to your trip to Lake Tahoe. Some of these perks can include f     ree luggage, free companion fares, and even free flights.

Check for Free Skiing

You can get a free half-day lift ticket from most resorts in Lake Tahoe. That’s why it’s really better to take flights in the morning. This way, you can still avail discounts and freebies ski resorts offer to visitors in the afternoon.


Make sure to do all these tips before purchasing any definite flight tickets to Lake Tahoe. Remember that it’s possible to have an amazing trip without it being costly.

Travel with CBD Oil

How to Travel with CBD Oil?

Laws and regulation concerning cannabis are fast evolving and confusing. While some states have legalized cannabidiol with controlled Dosage research, some still consider it illegal. CBD oil and other cannabidiol products are considered non-psychoactive and suitable for medicinal purposes. However, the cannabis plant is deemed to be unlawful by federal laws.

So, how do you travel with CBD oil?

In 2017, 29 States in the U.S. adopted the use of medical marijuana, though the federal rules still consider cannabis to be an illicit drug. So, there is so much confusion regarding the plant and its product.

Therefore, you need to be extra careful. You wouldn’t want to get caught on the wrong side of the law. Would you?

Why are You Flying with CBD Oil?

You must have a solid reason for flying with any cannabidiol product. Depending on where you are flying to, you might attract attention from the authorities for having CBD products. The most valid reason would be medicinal use, which should be proven by the prescription sheet.

Among the reasons why cannabidiol is being legalized is its ability to alleviate pain. Others use CBD oil to calm their anxiety, which is common when taking a flight. Whatever reasons you have for traveling with cannabidiols, ensure it is valid and accompanied by proof.

Federal Law Conditions

If you must travel with CBD oil, ensure the product has a THC content that is less than 0.3%.  With so many companies manufacturing cannabidiols, very few meet these THC levels requirements. Therefore, we recommend purchasing your product from a reputable company.

Authorities working at the airport are needed to report any law violations in case they come across one. Sometimes, the Airport Authorities do not create a scandal of these issues, especially for people using CBD oil for medicinal purposes.

What about Flying Internationally with Cannabidiols?

So many states have legalized cannabis for medicinal use. That makes it easy for you to fly to such states with CBD oil, right? Unfortunately, it is not. Even though you are flying from a country where cannabis is legal to another where marijuana is also permitted, there are still some precautions the authorities take.

As long as your flight includes you moving to another country, you will encounter tight security measures. The government may get involved, and you might end up having gone against the law. Some countries are more strict and even have a death penalty for offenders caught having cannabis.

Thus, we strongly advise against flying internationally with cannabis and any other illegal substance. You should extensively research on international laws and laws regarding marijuana in the state you wish to visit as well.

Final Verdict

Despite the medicinal use for cannabis being recognized, most governments still consider it illegal. The adverse effects of cannabis with high THC levels and the negative stigma which ruins its reputation might take a while to clear out. Many states are working towards its legalization though, and maybe in future, the federal-state will consider it legal. Till then, we suggest you abide by the current laws.