Flying to Lake Tahoe

How to Minimize Costs When Flying to Lake Tahoe

Going on a trip is very exciting as it brings many different adventures, discoveries, and life lessons     . It is so beneficial that a lot of websites are suggesting it to be in someone’s bucket list. However, if there’s one drawback about going on trips, it’s the costs. Now, just because you want to travel does not mean that you have to      lavishly spend on it.

Lake Tahoe is one of the best, more affordable, and accessible destinations for a ski vacation, and if you’re planning to go on a trip there, here are some ways you can save money while having yourself an awesome trip.

Check for Fare Sales

The first thing you can do to save money on trips is to check which airlines offer seat sales to your destination. You can do this by doing flight comparisons among different airlines that have flights to airports near Lake Tahoe. Call agencies or book directly through the airlines’ line or websites. Sometimes, they have unexpected seat sales that you can grab. You can even take a peek at their social media pages where airlines tend to post their promotions.

Do Flight Comparisons and Choose the Best Airport

There are a couple of close airports to Lake Tahoe, and you might want to consider choosing one of those as your destination: Reno-Tahoe International Airport and Sacramento International Airport are the closes. The importance of comparing flights to these airports is that you can not only save on flight fares but also on ground transportation, which should be an inevitable part of your cost computations     . The closer you are to your main destination, the less      you will have to pay for other forms of transportation.

Choose Flights that Will Allow You to Save on Lodging

The way you plan your flights can also minimize your lodging days. For example, if you choose flights in the morning, you can arrive at Lake Tahoe early and be able to enjoy the activities on that same day right away rather than arriving late at night then having to book an extra night for lodging. This minimizes how many days you ultimately might want or need to book, thus saving you money.

Check for Free Luggage

This is especially important if you’re planning to carry your own ski equipment with you. Some airlines offer free space for your luggage. Do remember to double check some flights that offer the cheapest fares as some of these prices can change significantly because baggage allowance is still not included. See flights that specifically say they offer space for a certain size of luggage and plan accordingly

Take Advantage of Miles and Credit Card Perks

If you’re using a credit card or if you have been traveling a lot, chances are you have plenty of perks in your miles and credit cards. Plan your trip in advance and see which perks can be applied to your trip to Lake Tahoe. Some of these perks can include f     ree luggage, free companion fares, and even free flights.

Check for Free Skiing

You can get a free half-day lift ticket from most resorts in Lake Tahoe. That’s why it’s really better to take flights in the morning. This way, you can still avail discounts and freebies ski resorts offer to visitors in the afternoon.


Make sure to do all these tips before purchasing any definite flight tickets to Lake Tahoe. Remember that it’s possible to have an amazing trip without it being costly.

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