Trip Preparation to Bali

Trip Preparation to Bali, Indonesia

Would you like to visit Bali, but you are not sure how to adequately prepare for your trip? Here is a comprehensive list of things including airport transport you should do as you plan to visit Bali:

Conduct Your Research

If you plan on visiting Indonesia, check out the places you would be interested in going to. Bali has a rich culture and is sensitive to religious customs.

Check with the calendar to avoid traveling during festivities such as Nyepi, when every commercial business is closed. Also, the people there are conservative, which means you need to behave appropriately and dress modestly.

Prepare Money and Documents for Your Travel

Make a second copy of your travel documents- passport, traveler’s cheque receipts, insurance papers, etc. Also, add your vaccination records and keep them close.

There are several ATMs in Bali, which work on standard networks. Nonetheless, always have some cash at hand in case of an emergency. Ensure that the currency notes you have are unmarked and not damaged in any way.

Prepare Your Visa

To be on the right side with the Airport authorities, you need to understand the three types of visa. First, is a visa in advance, which one can apply for before arrival. Second is the visa on arrival, which one applies for after landing. The third is the visa-free, which one obtains after arrival and cannot be extended.

Know the Legal System

During your research, go through the rules that apply in Indonesia. The rules may be contradictory and confusing. Unlike most countries, do not await special treatment since you are a visitor.  Always drive on the left. If you know a local person, then navigating the town will be much easy. If you don’t, upon landing, you should consider the Bali Airport Transfer to take you to your hotel.

Pack the Right Clothes

Bali is an island, and you might be thinking bikinis and other swimwear. Well, locals in Bali are quite conservative. Therefore, consider carrying cover-ups for when you are out of the beach. If you’re interested to visit sacred sites such as temples, your shoulders and knees should be covered. Settle for casual wear when walking through the small villages of the island.

The weather is warm, and there is no need to carry heavy clothing. When packing, bring light cotton clothing since jeans might end up being too hot and heavy.

Carry some flip-flops as well since the weather is warm. Furthermore, some bars, restaurants, and shops may require you to remove shoes before entering. Flip-flops will be simple to remove and put back on.

Depending on where you would like to visit, if you would like to go hiking, consider carrying hiking sandals, or hiking shoes. Some nightclubs in the city may place dress-code restrictions, which prohibit entering the club in flip-flops.

Bring Along Your Electronics

You will want to carry your smartphone, laptop, or tablet with you. In case you plan to travel with any fragile electronic device, be cautious and protect them in the tropical environment. Indonesia uses a slightly higher voltage, which device chargers can automatically handle. However, you might need to travel with a passive adapter in case some power outlets don’t work well with your power cord.

Carry Some Medicine with You

If you have a medical condition, we recommend you carry medicine from your home country. While Indonesia is famous for its international hospitals, bringing your own medicine helps you prevent the hassle of ending up in a hospital bed in a foreign country.

With our tips above, you are ready to pack and go. Happy holiday!

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