Where to Play Darts in Lake Tahoe

If your idea of enjoying in the Lake Tahoe pub includes playing darts, perhaps visiting here will never disappoint you. The place straddles in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and with its largest, cobalt blue and clear freshwater, Lake Tahoe definitely will make every corner of the place worth to visit. No matter which side of the lake you are, there is a place that will surely satisfy your quest in enjoying drinks and darts.

The lake will always keep your interest upscale and with every bar that offers a wide selection of good food, drinks, and games, whether you are in North Lake Tahoe or South Lake Tahoe, your enjoyment will never end. Be sure to visit these bars that are truly the best places to play darts in Lake Tahoe.

Dart Beverage Center

Whenever you want to quench your thirst, Dart Beverage Center will surely provide you wide selection of beverages, long line of spirits, and, of course, fully equipped throwing darts. What makes the place unique is because of its insane selection of cave cigar and specially brewed beverages.

Classic Cue

The reinvented and notable Classic Cue has been attracting families, locals, and visitors because of its multiple billiard tables, arcade games, air hockey, and darts. The bar also offers sports viewing for those people inclined with sports. The pub can be visited anytime and gives a plethora of special deals and sports activities.

Whiskey Dicks

When you’re in a long drive and hope to take a break and find the best bar in Lake Tahoe, Whiskey Dicks will excitingly offer you a selection of foods and beverages that surely satisfy your stomach. Plus, the pub includes sports game like darts. The completely packed bar also features live band music on the patio during summer nights. Before you start playing darts, make sure to taste pub foods like burgers, chicken wings, dips, and nachos too.

Pete N’ Peters

The original sports bar in Tahoe City Lake Tahoe have gotten bigger and with added pool, dart boards, and shuffleboards. The games are always on big screens and you can enjoy and make your loudest cheer for the best players. Also, be sure to try their fully equipped throwing darts and other games.

Village Pub

With lots of selection in spirits, burgers, and sports, Village Pub will always give the great dive to hunker down your every after day slopes. Village Pub offers requisite pub games—shuffleboard, darts, ping pongs, and pool games. Everything you need to enjoy is already there.

Brothers Bar and Grill

If you want something that will satisfy your hunger and, at the same time, enjoy playing games, Brothers Bar and Grill will surely give you everything you need. With live music every weekend, beer pong tables, and dart games, this will definitely a surefire place for a comeback visit.

Lake Tahoe doesn’t only give you breathtaking scenes but also welcome you with a great selection of pubs, sports bars, and the finest restaurants to visit. And, with these places that are best for playing darts, you will surely enjoy your stay in Lake Tahoe.

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